So, I was watching Disney XD (nee Toon Disney) on television with my four-year old daughter and a commercial for the new Power Rangers R.P.M. came on. 

She asked, "Daddy, do you watch Power Rangers?"

I replied, "I did a long time ago, but those were different Power Rangers."

She asked, "What happened to them?"

I didn't know and was curious.  Thus, for any of you who grew up in Angel Grove with Mega Zords and the Annoying (Zark 7 channeling) Alpha and know what a Skull and Bulk are, here is what happened to the actors that played the original five Mighty Morphin Power Rangers:
The Pink Ranger -- Kimberly (Amy Jo Johnson)

Without a doubt, the most successful thespian of the rangers is Amy Jo Johnson, who played the pink ranger.  This is a primarily because she went on to join the cast of JJ Abrams Felicity.  In addition to Felicity, Johnson has been a cast member of the ABC Family show Wildfire in its second season, played on ABC's What About Brian, and done some independent and made-for TV movies.  She currently appears in the CBS television series Flashpoint.  The former gymnast and pink ranger also sings and plays both guitar and piano; she was in a band called Valhalla, as well as a new group named "Amy Jo Johnson."  On a personal front, Johnson had a baby girl, Francesca Christine Giner, on December 1, 2008 with fiancée Olivier Giner.

The Blue Ranger—Billy (David Yost)

After Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ended and Power Rangers: Zeo began in the fourth season, Yost stayed on to continue his role as Billy Cranston. Instead of his previous role as a Power Ranger, he became a technical advisor to the others.  Allegedly as a result of a pay dispute due to his reduced role, Yost left the show in the end of the fourth season (in fact, his last episode used canned footage and another actor to play Billy).  Since leaving the show, the actor has had minor roles in a few movies (Ladykiller, After Diff'rent Strokes: When the Laughter Stopped).  Lately, he has focused on the production side of the business.  (The Mary Kay Letourneau, Alien Hunter and Temptation Island) He has worked as the director of production from the SciFi Channel's Sci-Fi Lab and as the manager of licensing for Pioneer Entertainment.

The Red Ranger -- Jason (Austin St. John)

Who says you can never go home.  St. John's first major role in acting was in 1993 when he was cast as Jason Lee Scott, the Red Ranger. He left the series mid-season two due to a contract and pay dispute. However, he returned as the Gold Ranger in Power Rangers Zeo and as a guest star in the second Power Rangers movie.  He also appeared in tenth anniversary episode where he joined nine other Red Rangers in the Power Rangers Wild Force episode "Forever Red."  As a fellow writer, I should also note that Austin St. John is the author of the book Karate Warrior: A Beginner's Guide to Martial Arts. He is currently a paramedic in Washington DC.

The Black Ranger – Zack (Walter Jones)

Jones was written out of the series midway through the second season, apparently due to disagreements over wages and fee, and was replaced by Johnny Yong Bosch.  Jones  has since returned to Power Rangers (as the voice of " Hexuba's Nightmare Monster" in Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy and the Forever Red episode of Power Rangers: Wild Force playing a villain named Gerrok).  Since Power Rangers, Jones has had guest appearances on a variety of shows, including Age of Love, Buffy, The Shield, CSI, Moesha, NYPD, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Family Matter and Step by Step.  Jones had major roles in the independent movies, The Dogwalker and Backyard Dogs, and the Nickelodeon series Space Cases.  WHNT news reports that, on Sunday, July 26th 2009, Jones was arrested for DUI in Huntsville Alabama.

The Yellow Ranger   Trini (Thuy Trang)

The research on this one did not end happy.  Trang was on the show for about one and a half seasons. She left the show along with Austin St. John and Walter Emanuel Jones, with whom she became very good friends, and was replaced by Karan Ashley. She went on to play Kali, one of the lead villains in the 1996 movie The Crow: City of Angels.  In 1997 it was incorrectly reported that she died in a car accident.  However, four years later, Trang die in a car accident.  On September 3, 2001, she and former actress/model Angela Rockwood-Nguyen (Dustin Nguyen's wife) were in an accident when the driver lost control.  Rockwood-Nguyen became a quadriplegic and Trang died. The episode "Circuit Unsure" of Power Rangers: Time Force was dedicated to her memory.

Trang's cremated remains are interred at Rose Hills Memorial Park in Whittier, California.  A tribute site can be found here.

Well, that certainly ended things on a somber note.  Hope the other information was at least interesting.

PS: For you Tommy fans.  Jason David Frank, who has been more ranger colors then Zorro the Gay Blade (He has been the green ranger, white ranger, red ranger, and black ranger in various series), has left the acting and currently owns and operates his own martial arts school in Los Angeles. He is the founder of the martial art "Toso Kune Do."



02/06/2010 8:12pm

wow thnx i was just say n on monday i wonder wht da original rangers wer up 2 rip TRINI

02/24/2012 3:32pm

poor trini and talk about irony as well as she was incorrectly reported as being dead and the real and alleged cause of death was the same thing


Tengo que decir que esta serie ma hecho muchas risas y diversión con los power rangers , gracias a ello han sido mi mayor alegria y con todo he difrutado .

Me acuerdo de todos ellos , si supiera ingles ; me iria a Estados unidos para encontrar a mis actores preferidos de eta serie .


05/01/2010 1:59am

uh, typo: the red ranger is Jason, not Tommy and it's Jason David Frank not Frano

02/24/2012 3:32pm

he is talking about zeo and a bit of turbo

05/08/2010 1:59am


08/07/2010 12:21pm

the original rangers were the best. always and forever ranger lover roy

08/28/2010 1:16am

Actually, David Yost left bc of producers and writers making inappropriate comments about him being gay, and he walked off set one day and never came back. That is why the last episode w him in it got canned, he left mid way through the day!! I miss all of the original Power Rangers, I got to meet Austin St. John a long time ago and I remember him being nice and sexy... Too bad they grow up and disappear...!!!

04/07/2012 3:45pm

Oh wow! I wondered about that with Yost. Looking at his picture now...Yum! He is gorgeous! I'm sorry he had to leave for such a crappy rumor. >:-{

lindsey malak
09/01/2010 12:37am

UHHH Tommy was the red ranger in turbo!! look it up!!

02/18/2012 2:54pm

Tommy become the red ranger in Power rangers zeo as Zeo ranger 5 and he was also thr red ranger in Turbo

05/26/2013 6:11pm

09/15/2010 10:04pm

happy to see everybody is doing well but im really sad that the yellow ranger had died my she rest in peace

09/21/2010 1:52am

so, none of them turned up in a porno or went to jail?

04/16/2012 12:21pm

The red ranger is now doing gay porn. Look it up on Google

07/27/2012 8:58pm

No he's not actually. I had heard that rumor but recently watched an interview with him and he definitely stated he has heard about that but it is not him. The guy looks like him, but it is not him. (I looked up a picture and the guys looks how you would think Austin would look now but Austin is a bit chubbier in the face now a days)

josh kelley
09/29/2010 2:01pm

david yost (billy) did not leave the show do to pay dispute he left cause he got called a faggot one to many times and being picked on because of his sexuality. he even tried pray the gay away and had a breakdown. not a money dispute

09/30/2010 8:09pm

I'm so sorry to hear about the yellow ranger she was by far the best one. May she rest in peace

11/05/2010 7:42am

I'm so surprise to know that my favorite yellow ranger thuy trang aka trini died in a car accident...It's just so sad to find that out...May her soul rest in peace...
It's good to know that everyone of them did have landed on roles outside the power ranger series...Thanks for the info..

12/02/2010 3:05am

thanks for the input was wondering about originals love them don't really like the new ones too much miss watching them sad to hear about trang she was the best yellow ranger of all time.

01/04/2011 1:03pm

What about Rocky, Adam, Aisha, and Kat?

01/02/2013 5:43am

this is just the original 5 from the very first season Rocly and all them came in about midway season 2 and season 3 and turbo

Steve smith
06/29/2013 11:49pm

Johnny young Bosch is a voice actor

A'isha Tijjani
01/08/2011 7:16am

i still watch power rangers now, mostly coz of my kid brothers, bt 2 this day i believe that mighty morphing were and are still the best.thanx 4 d research im sure lots of other ppl wil appreciate it.

01/08/2011 10:44pm

Absolutely loved original MMPR--still love them (I'm 24!!) Lord Zedd was the best villain of all time! Too bad to hear about certain rangers leaving due to pay disputes and slandering comments--poor Billy. RIP Trini! Thanks for the updates!!

01/31/2011 1:08am

Tommy was the red Ranger in Zeo

02/07/2011 8:31pm

i hate that Thuy Trang died in car accident she has always been and always will be my favorite yellow ranger.

Princess j
02/08/2011 10:56am

The original power rangers will always b the best.very saddened by the death of the yellow ranger,may she rest in was my fav ofcouse glad she stil doin her thing.shame on everyone who tried to make da blu ranger feel bad.he was n wil always b the best blu ranger gay or not who cares about his sexuality...u roc grandma tol me da red ranger st. john was arrested for murder????

03/07/2011 5:06am

Well I just want to know if there ever going to be the orginal power rangers later I really do miss them my favorite was Austin st John I thought he was so cute and still is I hope u put them back on. Thank u

jeffrey stella
03/13/2011 3:12am

Austin st. John was the best ranger ever. Best red ranger ever and shouldve gotten Kimberly. She seemed to want him to in the power rangers turbo movie. The show was dumb to let him go the 1st time and the 2nd.

06/14/2013 1:35pm

Apparently the red ranger is doing gay porn now

03/29/2011 6:41am

rest in peace yellow ranger..

05/29/2011 3:18pm

dang the red ranger looked way better back then

06/04/2011 12:30am

I wondered what happened to them...remember when i was a kid, my cousins and i used to pretend to be the power ranger and i was always the yellow one. Only the first original rangers were the best ones. R.I.P yellow ranger...always Trini in out hearts!

06/04/2011 12:54pm

I love the original power rangers...i watch the new shows, but nothing is like the first one set..i tell my kids all about 27 and I still get excited when the MMPR marathon comes on...RIP TRINI...MAY YOUR SOUL REST IN PEACE...

06/21/2011 6:21pm

thanks for letting us know about our favorite MMPRs i miss watching these guys but found the complete series on netflix sweet so now i am watching the original MMPRs with my kids and nieces and nephews so now they can see who the originals and best MMPRs were and always will be. also wanna say rest in peace yellow ranger thuy trang

06/24/2011 12:31am

I saw zack in a porno video

06/28/2011 2:14pm

MMPR was the BEST series evver! Screw all the new ones! The original was the best! I'm gonna go watch all the episodes on netflix!

06/30/2011 3:45pm

They should have nvr let go of the Red or the Black Ranger Walter was by far the best black ranger. I dis like his replacement though. They made it obvious Austin was a fan favorite cause they kept bringing him back ie Gold Zeo Ranger and the small role in the Turbo movie. You have to remember that back in the 90s being gay wasn't socially accepted at all so I see why they bothered David but it still was wrong gay or not.

Mike E.
07/04/2011 4:10am

To set the record straight Tommy played the role of five separate rangers in his career as a power ranger. He was the Green Ranger(MMPR), White Ranger(MMPR), Red Ranger(Zeo ranger 5), Red Ranger(Turbo) and finally the Black Ranger(Dino Thunder). He is by far the Greatest Ranger of all time, but in my opinion Jason as the original red ranger was the most badass. Thanks for the update on their current status. R.I.P. Trini

07/12/2011 8:01pm

Actually Walter Emmanuel Jones was falsely a arrested for dui. He just had one beer he wasn't even drunk.

09/14/2012 10:05am

If he had one beer then it's a DUI (driving under the influence). If you are drunk it's a DWI (driving while intoxicated). He wasn't falsely arrested lol.

04/10/2013 4:42pm

You're wrong about that. To be under the influence one would need to be intoxicated from it. They did away with the DUI/DWI a while back. It's just DUI now. 1 beer/drink doesn't mean you're influenced by it.

07/20/2011 9:29am

Hello I thank you for the information you have provided and thank your for the information on the yellow one she and the pink have been one of the funniest and the braviest. As example in the second or third where she ended her fear of hieghts and saved david yost or billy. It is truelly said to hear she died may peace be with her and to end it with the fan note may the power proctect her.

07/27/2011 6:34am

Rip triny....

07/28/2011 4:44pm

jason david frank aka tommy was the the best ranger he four colors green white red and black now he is stiil famous because he fight in mma

07/31/2011 7:43pm

to set the record straight to who said austin st john aka jason lee scott was arrested for murder thats not true it was someone who worked on the m.m.p.r noone famous some behind the scenes guy. and everyones right the originals were the best even though tommy aka jason david frank is and will always be my fave..anyone have any questions about m.m.p.r your not sure about just ask me im sure i can answer it for you and hey to the pple that are i think 26,27 im 25 ive been a fan since 1993 when the series began and im currently reliving my childhood on netflix and to who said zeds the best right on he was awesome so was serpentara and the best zord ever was megazord combined with dragonzord with titanus to make ultrazord cause once you heard jason say "I CALL ON THE POWER OF THE ULTRAZORD" it was GAME OVER

01/02/2013 5:50am

you my friend are probably the biggest mmpr fan i have ever seen i was born in 92 but all i can remember of my childhood was the power rangers its the only thing i watched and dreamed of being on the show one day only wish i could be with the original cast.

01/02/2013 5:51am

you my friend are probably the biggest mmpr fan i have ever seen i was born in 92 but all i can remember of my childhood was the power rangers its the only thing i watched and dreamed of being on the show one day only wish i could be with the original cast

01/02/2013 5:51am

you my friend are probably the biggest mmpr fan i have ever seen i was born in 92 but all i can remember of my childhood was the power rangers its the only thing i watched and dreamed of being on the show one day only wish i could be with the original cast//

01/02/2013 5:51am

you my friend are probably the biggest mmpr fan i have ever seen i was born in 92 but all i can remember of my childhood was the power rangers its the only thing i watched and dreamed of being on the show one day only wish i could be with the original cast/

07/31/2011 9:30pm

I remember watching fox11 news report back in september 2001 about the death of the yellow ranger, and was saddend. But then the NWO 911 happen and all attentin was brought to that.

amy jo jonhson was a hott ranger, she should have done some adult films and work that @$$ good.

btw rip thuy trang

08/03/2011 12:46am

Jdf is currently fighting in mma look it up.

thomas gilbert
08/03/2011 4:31pm

i like the rangers my nephew loved them they werte awsome

08/05/2011 5:03am

The original power rangers are on netflix if anyone want to watch the original episodes just so you all know. Thuy Trang RIP.

alpha 5
08/07/2011 11:41pm and my brother were sitting in tako-yaki the other day and all the sudden a power ranger watch goes off and we automatically stared at each other

08/14/2011 7:12pm

JDF is actually in Texas now. He has 2 matial arts/mma schools, 1 in humble txas and the other in Kingwood texas.. which are both near houston

08/15/2011 8:35pm

If ya'll was to come back to make a second mighty morphing power rangers movie for the last time,would you do it even if ya'll wanted too?

Juan abundis
09/15/2011 1:03pm

I used to watch power rangers when I was like 5 and recently seen it on netflix and its a trip how every thing turrned out but rip trina

jeremy marcantel
09/20/2011 1:28pm

thanks for the info. may trini's soul find peace and honor. original rangers rule.

Dan Danford
10/21/2011 10:42am

WOW!!!!!!!!! i may be 25 years old but the original mmprs are still the best. i mean i still watch the first 2 movies all the time. i wish i could have met them all in person. trini rip u were the best yellow ranger.

11/09/2011 3:50pm

its sad to her what happen to thuy trang a.k.a the yellow ranger I cried when I here'd what happen she was truly the best yellow my she rip. And Tommy was my favorite ranger

11/23/2011 10:52am

I wasn't alive during the MMPR era, but my brother was and Ive been hooked for my whole life. Ive been trying to relive all the episodes on netflix recently, and came here wanting to know where the original rangers are now. Sorry to hear bout David Yost, and RIP Thuy Trang. She was awesome, and I know someone else said this already but, MAY THE POWER PROTECT YOU THUY TRANG!!!

12/29/2011 9:07pm

Ya I was around the MMPR era and that show was the best... RIP Trini great show great actors wish them well

Been There Done That
01/06/2012 9:56pm

ray, I was a child in Okinawa Japan in 1979, none of the rangers you have ever seen were the original rangers. in 1979 there were 4 red, yellow blue and green, and they had the 4 suits on their helmets (hearts, clubs, diamnds, spades). I do not believe these were the first either.

01/16/2012 4:09pm

I see all my original heroes were still in their success, but after hearing Trini died in a car crash made me cry cuz the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will never be the same without her, thank you Thuy Trang for such good shows you put in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The fans and I will miss you. I will visit your grave soon to give you roses RIP Thuy Trang for everything, and will always be a yellow Ranger in my heart

01/26/2012 4:59pm

Wow, This is a great article. I shared it with my facebook page. I loved watching this show even as a grown man. I'm sorry to hear about " Trini". RIP Yellow Ranger. Seems like Jason (Austin) has the best story of all. He is a real life power ranger saving lives as a Paramedic. Thanks again for this.

TyQuille Green
02/12/2012 12:29am

I used to watch power rangers when I was a lil kid I watched all the seasons "Power Ranger" is my nickname in highschool. I started watching it when my lil bro showed me samari. I just had to find out wat happened to the first five mad the yellow ranger died R.I.P.

02/27/2012 11:02pm

Sad to hear about yellow power Ranger. My children watch Power Rangers everyday and love them. My daughter loves the original and my son is into Power Rangers RPM.

lord Z
03/07/2012 6:40am

wow.thanks for this.i was watching power rangeers wild force with my nephew the other day. the helmets for those rangers are very similar to the original 5. i was sitting there wondering what had ever happened to them.i did not know about trini dying though.(R.I.P)..

August Levine
07/27/2012 9:45am

Hey lord z you should try morphing in pubic I try it haha you should have seen it afew other people yelled its morphin time and the following ranger powers

04/01/2012 3:47pm

I had no Idea the yellow ranger had died me she rest in peace. I am 48 now but used to watch with my kids now I watch with grandkids, they will never be as good as originals
P.S. i meant rangers not my kids lol

04/07/2012 2:41pm

Thank you for the n my bf were reminiscing abt the might morphine rangers and then we wanted to know wth happened to all of them!!!

04/08/2012 11:39pm

Thanks for the page. Satisfied my curiosity without a lot of garbage info. :)

05/08/2012 9:55am

What about bulk and skull

10/20/2012 11:04pm

Bulk is now on Power Rangers Samurai. Skull is not on But his son Spike is.Who knew Skull had a kid

08/05/2013 5:48pm

yeah and some how skull got rich he was in a limo to pick up spike on one of the episodes of samurai

05/08/2012 3:28pm

Actually the best villain was the green Ranger.. He scared the hell outta me haha!!

Lisa Baker
05/12/2012 8:01pm

I am glad to know what happened to the MMPR. I used to love that show. Grew up on it. Thx

05/17/2012 9:12pm

billy the blue ranger is on death row

06/07/2012 5:46am

We miss he originals

robyn b
06/07/2012 10:40pm

just finished watching mmpr the movie with my nephews and was wondering what happened to the original actors.

06/08/2012 12:10pm

I'm watching it now on netflix ..trini death saddens me..I jus found out..they will always be the best rangers!

06/08/2012 11:48pm

They forgot to mention that Walter Jones was in the Disney channel movie "brink"

07/08/2012 3:35pm

JDF is kickin ass MMA fighting now by the way. Guy's a monster

August Levine
07/27/2012 9:38am

Hey jason still is a actor I just watch his movie the one warrior .Amy Jo Johnson is very hot wow I hate being 13

08/10/2012 10:44pm

i love MMPR,

01/15/2013 1:42am

how cool would it be to bring back LORD ZED and show these new rangers you don't mess with the O.G.'s :)

02/21/2013 7:37am

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12/10/2012 4:07pm

I really miss you girl.kung fu ladies. Tlc it your self. Kit with your pals fans friends too.

12/12/2012 2:52pm

I love Kung fu.and your show too.

12/12/2012 2:55pm

Rip you guys .

02/05/2013 4:34pm

Thanx 4 d info. Was a good fan back in the day!

02/21/2013 7:26am

Feeling bad yellow rangers trinie past away car feel bad. Met her
In person how take place as yellow rangers ? May be me.
Same power rangers lift who will take place another power rangers.
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Thinking move California. Helping me out finding answers.

02/28/2013 11:34pm

I really love this serial, i always watching every episode. First, i'm fans of Jason. But, why Jason change? He not handsome like the first time i saw anymore... T_T

03/02/2013 1:21pm

I watch power rangers from 1996-1998 the first seasons when they aired on tv. It's really my favorite kids show ever. Which I still at the ager of 27 today. Still watch from time to time, to refresh my memory, It's fun to just sit back and watch it when you havn't seen it in like 15-20 years.
I remember the thing about Thuy Trang. Which is just sad. Whoever created these physical bodys, should of made them stronger. Just saying. And she would of still been alive today (probably).
Tommy (jason) is a legendary power ranger. There are eve episodes when he becomes the black ranger I havn't even seen the other seasons. I saw 1,2,3,4. Those are the best seasons. Then I'm gonna give Wild Force and that season after that one a try. I forgot what it's called, so this'll be interesting. However The first seasons where just a "darker" kind of battles, with more story in em. After season 2, it was just starting to get more comedy all the time and lost it's "darkness". The beginning was coolest and the effects where just perfect even if it's crap, it's still better than the computer generated bullshit you see on some other seasons I've youtubed to watch. Since I'm only looking for seasons where the original power rangers are in, as long as it's atleast 1 of them there, it'll work.

03/15/2013 9:22pm

Can't believe trini passed away R.I.P.!!! I'm actually watching every season on netflix right now!!! And I have a power rangers blanket that I got when the first came out and to this day I can't sleep with out it

03/16/2013 3:51pm

I love MMPR i grow up watching them i was a kid looking at them i was about between 7-10 yrs old look at them good luck to them all R.I.p to the yellow ranger you will be miss im late but it cool

03/18/2013 9:59pm

i love the MMPR when i first saw it on t.v i got hook on it lol they was all my fovor these kids of today don't know nothing about MMPR

Kiddy Grade
04/06/2013 3:14am

I Deeply Love to have sex and have kids with my hubby Austin st. john and jason david frank ditch the pink power ranger

04/10/2013 5:01pm

Wow glad to know i am not the only one who has thought about the power rangers. I was cleaning out some old box's and found a pink ranger trading card and wondered where they all are.

04/12/2013 11:38pm

The red power ranger is gay he is in gay porn

04/25/2013 8:27am

eu queria que eles fizessem power rangers mighty morphin de novo nesse ano de 2013

Kathleen Hauprich
05/15/2013 7:34pm

The only reason I watched MMPR was because of Tommy, no matter what color suit he was in! I always thought he was a hottie!

05/22/2013 12:28am

I'm 27 my kids still watch power rangers but nothing like the original power rangers does anyone remember when the green ranger f first came out and remember when he was turned evil and mega zord had to battle the whistling green ranger And dragon zord I remember that one like yesterday was my fav could've sworn Kimberly and Tommy had something going on

06/01/2013 5:17am

Power Rangers has been one of my favorite shows since I was little!I really missed the original power rangers.I would want to meet up with one of this guys before I die!!!

jay pedrera
06/01/2013 5:19am

and one thing,Kimberly is my ultimate crush eversince!:)Love you Kimberly!Long Live Power Rangers!Its Morphin Time!:)

06/02/2013 11:02am

Kimberly was also in the Disney Chanel original movie Suzzie Q!!!!!!

07/13/2013 11:38am

thnx a lot I really needed 2 kno this I thought they all died good 2 kn othey didn't r.i.p 2 trini she was bomb on the show

07/16/2013 2:08am


08/04/2013 3:13am


richard pressick
08/17/2013 9:20pm

u know im sitting watching flashpoint and I thought I recognised amy jo Johnson so I used google and found this page thanks t the autor btw


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