The geek world lost one of the greats when Dick Durock died from pancreatic cancer on September 17, 2009.

More after the break about this geek icon.

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Durock was an an actor and a stunt man. He was best known for playing Swamp Thing in Swamp Thing, The Return of Swamp Thing and the subsequent television show. But, people may not remember that Durock also played a Hulk-like creature in the two part episode of The Incredible Hulk television series named "The First."  Durock also appeared in the Clint Eastwood films The Enforcer (1976) and Any Which Way You Can (1980) as well as Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze (1975).   Durock was also a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. He resided in Southern California and appeared at many fan conventions. Durock was 72 at the time of his death.

So lift your glass and remember one of scifi's greats with the following clips.



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