It’s SSP (Shameless Self Promotion) time.  Come read my new story in Christmas in Outer Space, a new anthology published by Whortleberry Press.

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Here is the official description: 

Get in the Christmas mood with 30 HOLLY-day stories that take you on a holiday tour around the galaxy! Christmas is just too big and beautiful a holiday to be confined to only one planet.   

This book will make for a merry Christmas whether you give it to relatives, friends, or even your deserving self.

Description: Paperback, 287 pages,5.5. x 8.5", perfect binding, white interior paper, 50# weight, black and white interior ink,full color front and back covers. $19.28

My story is called: The Gift of the Karisma.  The story is a futuristic twist on the classic short story The Gift of the Magi (by O. Henry) and pays tongue in cheek homage to many science fiction movie clichés.

Other authors and stories in the anthology include:

DAVID PERLMUTTER -- The Redeemer:A Tale of Christmas in the Year 3205
CHRIS BARTHOLOMEW -- The Scope of Things
JACK HILLMAN -- Visitation Rites
ALYSON B. CRESSWELL -- A Gift for Christmas Future
LUCAS TURNEY -- I, That Was Once We
MATT MOK -- We Come In Pieces
MARIAN POWELL -- The Skulls of Christmas
RICHARD PITANIELLO -- Celestial Christmas Tree
DENNIS GOLDBERG -- Home for the Holidays
CLYDE K. ELSIE -- A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Nicea, or Kill Claus, Cancel Christmas
ALICE M. ROELKE -- Evergreen and Always
LYN MCCONCHCIE -- Let The Bells Ring Out
K. G. MCABEE -- Omega and Alpha
RICHARD DYER -- The Blizzard
JAMES HARTLEY -- Rudolf The Red-Nosed Offog
BARRY R. HUNTER -- Santa's Last Gift
JAMES A. STEWART -- That's The Magic Of The Elves
MICHAEL H. HANSON -- The Night Before Christmas -- In Outer Space
ARTHUR SANCHEZ -- Christmas Dinner on Mars
SHERRY F. CHANCELLOR -- Christmas on the Bethlehem Star
JESSY MARIE ROBERTS -- Gigantus Christmas
DUSTIN READE -- Four Plastic Reindeer
ANDY ECHEVARRIA -- The Boy Who Wouldn't Believe In Santa
PETER FRIEND -- Mysterious Ways
JANETT GRADY -- Whats and What Nots
ABIGAIL BEAL -- This Christmas at the In-Laws

The book is available here or at the Whortleberry Press site.  I’m not sure when Amazon.com will get it.  I'm not selling these myself, but if you would like a personalized signed copy please email me and we can figure something out.

From a personal point of view, I should note that this was the first short story I got paid for up front, which is a milestone for starving writers. :-)

I hope you enjoy the story and the book.


10/04/2010 6:10pm

What...no review on the stories??? Seems kind of cheap to promote yours and leave all of your opinions of the other stories along the proverbial wayside. Let's get down to the brass tacks and see how you think the stories measure up to yours, shall we? I am curious which ones you liked/tolerated/hated, since I know a couple of the people who had stories in that Anthology.
Curiousity abounds...
Feel free to email me.



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