Warner Home video has announced Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut, which will incorporate the Tales of the Black Freighter direct to video animated movie.

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First there was Watchmen; then came Watchmen: The Director's Cut, which featured 24 minutes of added scenes to help restore and fill in details that had been in the graphic novel (most importantly the fate of Hollis Mason).   And now, Warner home video has announced Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut, which promises to be a new and final version of the blockbuster film from Zack Snyder. This version weaves Tales of the Black Freighter into the Watchmen Director’s Cut film that makes this the perfect gift for every die hard fan of the graphic novel.  Personally, I think I will wait for the Special Ultimate Extended Director's Cut Anniversary Complete Collector's Edition, which I assume will be announced in the next year.  Or I am just jaded because I bought the Director's Cut Blu Ray, which I will get around to reviewing eventually.

In any event, here are the details on the release and some cover art.

Disc 1:
 • Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut Film
• Audio Commentary with Zack Snyder and Dave Gibbons

Disc 2: Over 3 Hours of Special Features
• The Phenomenon: The Comic that Changed Comics
• Real Super Heroes, Real Vigilantes
• Mechanics: Technologies of a Fantastic World
• Watchmen: Video Journals
• My Chemical Romance Desolation Row
• Under The Hood
• Story Within A Story: The Books of Watchmen

Disc 3: Digital Copy of the Theatrical Version

Disc 4: Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comics BD-Live

The Blu Ray and DVD are available at Amazon.com.  If you are going to buy them, please use my links and support this site.



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