From June 14th through June 25th, Joe Sergi will be touring with his MG/YA sci-fi/fantasy novel, Sky Girl and the Superheroic Legacy. DeDe Christopher is an average high school sophomore with dreams of winning the National Gymnastic Tournament and dating the school quarterback. But her world changes when DeDe begins to develop fantastic abilities that are strangely similar to those of a fictional comic book superhero named SkyBoy. With the help of her best friend, Jason, a self-proclaimed comic geek, DeDe begins a quest to discover her true destiny as she confronts the all-too-real enemies and allies of SkyBoy. She must deal with capes, apes, and aliens to find a way to live up to a legacy that no one can remember and become Sky Girl. 216 pages (Unlimited PDF copies, limited number of printed copies available.)

You can find Joe online at www.joesergi.net and www.skygirlnovel.com.

If you are interested in reviewing this book, please email Cheryl at cg20pm00(at) gmail(dot) com. Please specify PDF or printed copy preference in your email.



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